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TALK EVENT|新垣 美奈 アーティスト・イン・レジデンス報告会


MIina Arakaki Artist-in-Residence Presentation

Date: Sun. Nov 12th 17:00- Admission: Free



海外のアーティスト・イン・レジデンスに参加する、写真・映像を表現手段とする日本の若手アーティストの渡航費(旅費)をサポートする新プロジェクトTRAVEL / Kanzan gallery

今年度は、アーティスト・新垣美奈さんが2023年9月から10月、ノルウェー西部、ヴェストラン県オルヴィク村のレジデンス Kunstnarhuset Messen (KH Messen)に参加され、滞在制作を行いました。

新垣さんは、リサーチを写真や映像、 スケッチで記録をし、それらを基に絵画、映像作品を制作されています。レジデンス期間中は、『窓』にフォーカスしたリサーチから作品制作されています。また、『窓から何が見えるか?』をテーマにワークショップも開催されました。レジデンシーでの制作などの情報をスライドを交えながらお話いただきます。


New project TRAVEL / Kanzan gallery supports the travel expenses of young Japanese artists who use photography and video as their medium of expression to participate in international artist-in-residence programs. This year, artist Mina Arakaki participated in the residency program at Kunstnarhuset Messen (KH Messen) in the village of Ålvik, Vestland County, Norway, from September to October 2023, where she engaged in creative work.

During her residency, Arakaki documented her research through photography, video, and sketches, using these as a foundation to create paintings and video works. She focused her research and production on the theme of "windows" during the residency period. Additionally, she conducted a workshop on the theme "What can you see from the window?" She will share information about her residency and creative process, accompanied by a slide presentation.



新垣 美奈




Mina Arakaki

Since 2007 she has been exhibiting work that is inspired by experiences and discoveries she has made in her daily life, mainly surrounding her interpretation of the interplay of dark and light in urban areas at night. She pays attention to ordinary objects or scenes, and tries to capture both her inner appreciation of these moments, but also as a way of recording larger societal movements as well. She paints not only on canvas and paper, but also utilizes empty boxes of food and other commercial containers, as well as paper bags, with the same sense of “drawing on the back of flyers” she retains from her childhood. Recently she has also worked on wall paintings and collaborations with other artists. She has been researching rivers and canals in her hometown since October 2020.



現在ART FACTORY城南島4階 多目的ホールにて開催中のOPEN STUDIO2023に








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